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The original magazine article

"Ladies & Gentleman, Please Welcome to the Stage..." originally began as an article for NonProfit Pro Magazine that Leigh had written stemming from a real-life story about comedian Jerry Seinfeld getting in trouble with the Police for holding a Roadside Lemonade Fundraiser stand.

The coming together of the worlds of fundraising and the best stand-up comedian ever (Seinfeld, not Leigh) inspired him to share insights about engaging audiences online that were learned directly from Leigh's experience on stage performing in front of live audiences.

It also tapped into years of in-depth study Leigh had done on identifying the similarities between what the best brands do - differentiate themselves by accentuating their most unique, inherent and attractive qualities - and what stand-up comedians do in their search to convey their own unique voice. Eight months after the article, Leigh debuted "Ladies & Gentlemen..." in a presentation at the Bridge Conference for Integrated Marketing and Fundraising.

Click here to read the original article.

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