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For Synagogues, Conventions, Students, Singles or Seniors

Audiences will love comedian Leigh Kessler's pride-evoking look at the evolution of Stand-Up in America as a product of both the Jewish Experience and in religious teachings.   

We Did It Standing Up:
How the Jews
created Stand Up
Run Time: 45 minutes
Suitable for: All Audiences

"I love listening to my family argue about who's sicker. What fever? 106 is not a fever.

I was dead for six months, I didn't know it!

I came back because the Jews have always had a sense of humor!"

- Billy Crystal as his grandfather, Mahvelous! (1984)

From the early days of Vaudeville to the Television Comedians of today, no group has had greater influence on the art of Stand-Up Comedy than the Jewish people.


In this entertaining and insightful presentation, Comedian Leigh Kessler, a nationally touring Headliner and one of Television’s Most Recognized Pop Culture Commentators, examines how the Jewish experience influenced this art form through the Jews adeptness at survival, their unique timing in history and their philosophy of religion shaped over the past 5000 years. 


Kessler discusses the impact of Jews on other immigrants, Jewish acceptance and assimilation through Television and Radio, the teachings of the Torah and the Jewish Entertainers who helped evolve Stand-Up Comedy from the Heroes of Vaudeville to the “Three S Men” (Seinfeld, Sandler and Stewart).

How the Jews Created Stand-up Comedy, is a 45 minute presentation that combines humor and history and is perfect for any audience and age interested in Jewish culture.

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