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Jesse Jackson reading Green Eggs & Ham on Saturday Night Live

is everything you need to know about Sales, Marketing & Comedy.

Runtime: 16 minutes

In September 1991, Saturday Night Live honored the passing of Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss), by having the Reverend Jesse Jackson make a surprise appearance on the Weekend Update segment where he read the Seuss classic "Green Eggs & Ham".  

The unexpected pairing of Jackson's oratory skills and Seuss's words created a legendary comedic performance that Entertainment Weekly recognized as the #1 Political Cameo of all-time on SNL.

In this Ted-style keynote presentation recorded at the 2019 Content Marketing Conference's Comedy Day, Leigh discusses the intersection of comedy and marketing through the lens of this legendary bit by answering these three questions:


What made Dr. Seuss such a groundbreaking author worthy of being eulogized by SNL and what it teaches about originality and authenticity.

1. What made Dr. Seuss original?

Jesse Jackson on SNL.png

And why do we laugh particularly hard at Jesse Jackson reading Dr. Seuss and what it means about surprising your customers/audiences.

2. Why do people laugh?


Why Green Eggs & Ham is one of Dr. Seuss' most beloved books and what it says about delivering value to your customers.

3. Why SNL chose Green Eggs & Ham?

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