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Stand Out like a Stand-Up 
An original keynote presentation for any audience:
 for profit, nonprofit, & hoping to make a profit.

Whether you're a lawyer pitching new business, a doctor pitching new patients, a marketer pitching a new product, a fundraiser pitching your nonprofit, or a job prospect pitching yourself, everyone has been asked:

"You have 5 minutes. Tell me why you're the best choice?"


In Stand Out like a Stand-Up, Leigh Kessler, branding expert and a former nationally touring stand-up comic and TV personality, brings audiences inside the world of stand-up comedy, highlighting the journey that stand-up comedians go to find their voice, engage different audiences, and tell their story so that people want to hear more of their material.

He then applies those principals to the world of marketing and brand building, looking at individuals and organizations who do it with great success through their website experience and across other channels.

Here's three things any audience of business professionals 

will be inspired to do and improve on after seeing Leigh:


Find their voice


Help marketers understand how to authentically differentiate their product/services's unique value.


Tell their story


Connect with your audience on a more personal level when they explore your offering.


Create fans

Lead Cultivation:

Whether they're buying or just browsing, keep audiences engaged with your brand.

Stand-Out like a Stand-Up, is a 45-75 minute presentation that can be customized and personalized for any audience type and industry:

- Advertisers

- Marketers

- Entrepreneurs

- Lawyers

- Fundraisers

- Business Operators

- Creatives

- Sales

- Service Professionals

"Ladies & Gentlemen,

Please Welcome to the Stage..."

Those are the last words out of an emcee's mouth as he or she introduces a stand-up comedian to an audience.


If the name that comes next is Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneress, or Dave Chappelle you know you're about to see one of the best known comedians of the last twenty years. If it's Aziz Ansari or Amy Schumer, you're going to see one of the commercially hottest of today. Or if it's Judah Friedlander, Tig Notaro or Doug Benson, you're about to see a seasoned pro that you may not know well but who is a cult favorite with some of the most passionate and devoted fans in the business.

But what if the name that comes next is one that you don't know?

That's the same thing your prospects, and potential clients, experience when they discover you. 

So are you ready for your next great entertaining speaker? 

Then Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome to your stage, Leigh Kessler!

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