How the Jews Invented Stand-Up Comedy

Every stand-up comedian - from Chris Rock to  the fictitious Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - is participating in an art form that one can easily describe as "the Jews' Blues". 

But what is it about Judaism as a religion that helped create the modern stand-up comedian?


Of course there's the fact that so many of comedy's groundbreakers in America have been Jewish. Jack Benny. Milton Berle. Lenny Bruce. Joan Rivers. Billy Crystal. Garry Shandling. Jerry Seinfeld. Jon Stewart.

But the essence of stand-up is found throughout Jewish teaching.  The story of Joseph and his brothers. Rabbi Hillel's famous Summation of the Torah as "the golden rule and the rest is commentary". Even how stand-up reflects the Jewish ideas of sin and repentance.

Join stand-up comic, speaker, and TV personality Leigh Kessler,  from Vh1's "Best Week Ever"and CNN's "Showbiz Tonight", as he explores how the artform of stand-up comedy, as it is today, is a product of both Jewish experience and Jewish teachings.

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